We are a Award Winning Zinc Die Casting Facility.

Let us be your manufacturing partner!

Quality Metal Finishing Company is the USA's leading independent supplier of  finished zinc   die casting products to plumbing, motor vehicle, motor cycle, medical, hardware manufacturers.


We are your single source, one location supplier for complete contract manufacturing services, zinc die casting, metal finishing, metal plating, assembly, and distribution all completed from our 

award winning zinc die casting facility




As the leading independent worldwide supplier of  finished zinc die casting, QMFCO.com is dedicated to providing customers with superior value (quality, service,  price),  and in the process creating a fair return for employees, vendors and shareholders.

This will be accomplished within a corporate culture which is committed to maintaining the reputation for:

  • Being innovative and creative
  • Having respect for one another
  • Being a good neighbor in our communities
  • Being respectful of our environment

         Zinc Die Casting done the right way at a Quality Metal Finishing Company!


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