Producing quality zinc die castings to your performance specifications.

QMF zinc die casting quality goes well beyond the usual definitions. We start with only those materials which meet your zinc alloy specifications. Customized tooling is designed and built to provide a top quality zinc die casting that results in the strength and metal surface finish you require. Quality auditing throughout the entire production process includes detailed checking of zinc die castings prior to trimming plus on-going audits at all secondary operations such as drilling, tapping, and machining.   We designed the process to yield the highest quality product.


Our integrated process allows us to finish and plate product within hours of producing a die casting.  This is a distinct advantage when producing castings for decorative finish and one that validates the process controls utilized in die cast. 


  • Clean removal of flashing
  • Finest alloys
  • Drilling, tapping to the specifications
  • Dense zinc die casting surface for highest quality metal finishing